A question I commonly get asked is….“How did you end up teaching the guitar for a living?”

I have played guitar since I was about 5 or 6 and really enjoy the sound it makes. In my twenties, after being in various bands, I moved to live in England. Money was tight there, even with a job, so when a friend asked if I would teach them the guitar……I accepted. That was 1988.

Through word of mouth, more students came and by 1990 I had enough to give up my day job.

Teaching is something I really enjoy and I also enjoy learning how to be better at it.

Fast forward to today…..

In today’s guitar world there is so much information available that it can be overwhelming and confusing.

Where do you start?

What is relevant to you?

A teacher’s job is to show you how, sort out what you need to know (and what you don’t) and to explain things in a way that is simple and easy to follow.

It’s also to MOTIVATE and to give perspective to your progress. Often students are doing better than they think.

Check One Two is not a “guitar factory” where there are lots of teachers with limited experience in between jobs or UNI courses.

I AM THE TEACHER and I care 100% about YOU being able to play the guitar.

If you really want to fast-track your progress……get a great teacher.

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Richard Farmer
Check One Two