Playing with others at your level is fun, motivational and sounds great. Group lessons are in Forest Lake and are $34.00 for 60 minutes.


A ‘one on one’ lesson can be tailor made for each student. Individual lessons are in Goodna and are $34.00 for 30 minutes.


Learn in the convenience and comfort of your own home. Mobile lessons start at $34.00 for 30 minutes + $5.00 travel fee. (Western suburbs)

Gift Vouchers Available

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world and perfect for playing any style of music. Portable, inexpensive and a perfect accompaniment for the voice. From campfires to stadiums…..6 strings of bliss!

The bass guitar is an offshoot of the ‘double-bass’ and has a warm rich pleasing tone. It is closely related to normal guitar playing and most good guitarists will also know how to play the bass, and ‘visa-versa’. Good bass players are always high in demand on the music scene.

The ukulele is a fun instrument originating from Hawaii, it is a great way for younger guitarists to get into guitar playing. But it’s also a fantastic instrument in its own right, for players of all ages. You can get some fantastic instruments at very affordable prices.